I have had keloids at two spots in my lower abdomen for about a decade now. They started very small after the healing of a bump (or better still, a tiny boil). Over the years, they grew bigger and harder but more worrisome was the accompanying itchiness. Over time, I found it very uncomfortable and disfiguring and decided to visit a dermatologist to see what can be done. I was fortunate to meet Dr Afflu who explained the available treatments for keloids to me and also introduced me to the most recent technology - CRYOSHAPE which he considers very efficient and the most effective so far.

I visitedwww.cryoshapeghana.com to read more about this treatment and after a month, decided to undergo cryosurgery. With no known success story aside the testimonials on the website, I took the risk and I am proud to say that I am one of the success stories! The healing process (after the procedure) got me a bit impatient since I was over anxious to see the end results. After two months however, my skin is as smooth as before with no growth on it. My keloids are gone and my scar is gradually returning to my normal skin colour. This has given me the confidence to move on to use cryoshape for another keloid I have developed as a result of a recent surgery. The result of cryoshape is incredibly amazing!

J A 37, Age 30, | Spokane, Ghana

My name is Joey Jones and I have suffered from keloid scarring for over ten years now. I have had every treatment known and available for keloids and, until now, nothing has provided such an improvement and in such a short time after the procedure. The itching, burning and elevation of the scars has been reduced in just a few weeks. Because of the size and number of scars I have suffered from ( located on chest, back and shoulders), I am preparing to undergo a second procedure as soon as possible, and with great enthusiasm. The procedure is painless, and recovery time is a day or two at best. The quality of my life has improved dramatically because of Cryoshape, and I am forever grateful!

Joey J., Age 30, | Spokane, Washington

I developed a keloid on the back of my head five years ago, as the result of a brain cancer operation.& was more than 6” long. My mother took me to a doctor in NYC and he performed the CryoShape suurgery on me.The keloid is almost gone! Before the procedure, I kept combing my hair to cover the keloid, but that it would just look worse and stick out more.I often felt embarrassed about it, and would think other kids made fun. The procedure was relatively painless. Whatever pain there was came during the brief preparation time. After the needle was in and the freezing began, I ended up falling asleep! The procedure was over inabout 20 to 30 minutes. After only a month recovery. I was finally able to buzz cut my hair again. The doctor and his staff were great & really nice to me. I feel so much better!

Joshua W, Age 13, | Glen Head, NY

Several years ago, I underwent major surgery which left me with an 8” vertical keloid scar from navel to groin. This was the most uncomfortable thing that I had ever experienced as it itched and was irritated by the fly of my trousers each and every day. Dr. Lorenc had recommended that he treat this scar with CryoShape. The results are 100% better. I no longer have the annoying itch which was almost constant and there is no irritation as all. The result of the procedure has left me with minimal visual side effects. I am sure that after a few more months that the existing scar will be hardly noticeable at all. I am so very pleased with the results from being treated with CryoShape. I had almost given up on ever having an acceptable resolution to my problem until CryoShape.

Carl L, Age 59, | New York City