About to CryoShape Ghana

CryoShape is a patented intralesional double lumen probe for treating Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars, manufactured and developed by Etgar Group, Ltd. The CryoShape device is a hand-held cryosurgical instrument for destroying deep tissue through intralesional intervention utilizing an extremely cold cprobe. The elegant CryoShape probe effectively treats Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars via a direct thermal effect on the deep scar material as well as causing softening and normalization of collagen within and surrounding the scar.

Advantages Of Using This Treatment

  • Significant reduction in scar volume after one treatment.
  • Most cases require only a single session.
  • Quick alleviation of pruritus, pain, discomfort and tenderness.
  • Minimal or no hypopigmentation or other side effects.
  • The procedure consists of a single needle insertion (excluding local anesthetic), allowing the patient to leave the clinic immediately following the treatment.
  • Large scars can also be treated using the CryoShape.
  • Multiple scars may be treated in a single session.
  • Rapid healing process; minimal postoperative care is required.
  • In most cases (>97%) no scar recurrence is observed.
  • Clinically no worsening of scar has been observed.


In contrast, other treatment options require several treatments over a prolonged time with modest success rates (pressure therapy and topical applications of silicones, gels and other adhesives), present risk of skin atrophy and scar depression (corticosteroid injections), or extremely high risk of recurrence (surgical excisions). A comparison of CryoShape

outcomes and those of contact cryo-surgery clearly demonstrates the superiority of CryoShape as treating the scar at the origin. CryoShape is an effective choice to treat Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars at virtually every location on the body.